United Minerals Italy and United Minerals Spain deal with the distribution of UMG clay in the major markets of Italy and Spain, with warehouses at the ports of Ravenna and Castellon de la Plana and naval and sales logistics active in other markets also.
This transport network ensures a constant supply to the ceramic industry, made possible thanks to the high storage capacity of UMG.

The high percentages of alumina oxide and low percentages of iron oxide are among the most appreciated features of the Ukrainian clays.

The headquarters of United Minerals Spain is situated in the port of Grao (Castellon), right in the heart of the Spanish ceramics district. Its deposit of clays in the port of Castellon sur, has a capacity of over 300,000 tons of raw material in a total area of 50.000 sq.m.


Over 250,000 tons of product are stored in an area of 46,000 square meters, of which 18,000 are covered.


In Spain the deposit has a capacity of around 300.000 tons, for an overall area of 50,000 square meters.
Thanks to the Port Sur’s allowed draft, it’s possible to accommodate large-size ships, such as, for example, Panamax and Post Panamax.

UMG was founded in 2006 by System Capital Management company, Ukraine’s largest industrial and nancial group. UMG’s clay extraction division is presented by four enterprise:
Vesco, Druzhkovka, Ognepornerud and Donkerampromsirye. Production and warehouse facilities give the possibility to supply ball clay with the required characteristics, guaranteed minimal moisture store up to 1.000.000 tons of ready made products and 2.3 mln tons of intermediate products at our own warehouse. This guarantees stable shipments all years round. UMG clays are characterized by a high level of plasticity and bending strength of dry and fired tiles, low water absorption and light colors after firing
The extraction and mixing technologies allow production of clay with any chemical composition and al203 ranging from 15% to 35%, Fe203 from 0.8% to 3%. Unique blending and homogenization complex allows to decrease product moisture up to 13-17%, ensuring its high quality.